Bible Programs

Information about useful programs for Bible study:

E-Sword (free,

A powerful program for Bible study.

An abbreviated listing of some of the resources I find most helpful (free unless otherwise stated)

  • Commentaries:
    • Robertson’s Word Pictures of the New Testament
    • Summarized Bible
    • Wuest’s Word Studies (link includes other resources, but I’m not sure all are legal downloads)
    • John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
    • Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament
    • John Darby’s Synopsis of the New Testament
    • Vincent’s Word Studies
    • Believer’s Bible Commentary (purchase)
  • Translations
    • Free:
      • ESV
      • J. N. Darby
      • KJV (with Strong’s numbers)
      • MKJV
      • RV
      • Various N.T. Greek texts with Morphological tags
      • NET Bible
    • Purchase:
      • HCSB
      • NASB (with Strong’s numbers)
      • NIV
      • NKJV
    • Spanish
      • RV 1909 (with Strong’s numbers)
      • LBLA
      • NBLH
      • RV 1960 (purchase)
  •  Dictionaries
    • Strong’s Bible Dictionary
    • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
    • Thayer’s
    • Robinson’s Morphological Analysis Codes
    • Vine’s Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words (purchase)
  • E-books
    • Antiquities of the Jews (Josephus)
    • Fox’s Book of Martyrs
    • Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening
    • E.M. Bounds on Prayer
  • Bible maps & charts
Other features:
  • Parallel Bible (up to four translations)
  • Editor to create your own commentary or study notes. Notes are “linked” to the Bible for easy viewing and can be exported.
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Create verse lists

The Word (free,

  • Very similar to e-Sword
    • Pretty much the same resources are available;
    • Last I checked, the Word modules were generally more expensive.
    • A little easier to use, a bit more powerful, more customizable
      • Searches are docked
      • Multiple searches may be open at one time
      • Supports search operators like “AND”, “OR”, “NEAR”, “XOR”, “*”, “?”
      • Search in Greek without worrying about diacritics or accents
      • Create user commentaries, books, or dictionaries that work just like regular resources
      • Make custom modules for distribution that support tables and graphics. Verse references are automatically hyperlinked.
  • You can make it portable: just plug your flash drive into another computer and The Word is at your fingertips (find out how here)

BerBible (free,

For those who want a very basic, light-weight Bible reading/search tool that includes free KJV, NKJV, ESV and NASB Bible versions.

Online Bible (free,

I prefer the other options, but the What the Bible Teaches New Testament commentary series (digital format) is available only here (to my knowledge) for a $20 purchase.

News from the developers: They hope to have the John Ritchie New and Old Testament What the Bible Teaches series included on the standard DVD by around October 2013.

Logos Bible Software (purchase,

Not for the faint of mind, this is perhaps the ultimate Bible study resource, but comes with a price tag and a learning curve. It features companion apps as well.

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