Dangers and Preservation

No matter where we go, we will run into things that are defiling to us. Yet we should do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those things we CAN prevent.

Internet Content

  • K9 Web Protection is a good, free tool to protect the content you and your family come into contact with on the web. Add time restrictions, make exceptions, force safe search and monitor user activity. It also has an app option. This is only one program of many. Be aware! There is no perfect solution. Programs can’t look at pictures and tell you if they are bad or not. They can only filter out sites that are known to contain bad material. This includes sites like YouTube that could be used legitimately (although we believe no young child should be allowed to use YouTube unsupervised, especially for long periods of time). The program enables the parent to give temporary access to sites (for instance, 15 minutes) that may contain objectionable material.
  • YouTube allows you to turn on safety mode at the bottom of the screen. Check the box to lock safety mode for this browser and repeat for all of your computer’s browsers.
  • Chrome and Firefox browsers have a plugin/extension called Adblock Plus which filters out many advertisements, some of which I would rather not see.


  • Though I’m not a proponent of movies, if you choose to watch them, pluggedinonline.com gives detailed video reviews that give the type of inappropriate content, how much is present, and how intense it is.

Chat Rooms

I do not recommend the use of chat rooms. Chatting with strangers over the computer is not a safe practice.


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