Note taking

Microsoft OneNote (part of the Microsoft Office suite)

  • Scan and organize your notes to remove the clutter of all those papers.
  • Automatic text recognition (and searching) for typed information.
  • Allows you to insert audio in a document, and if you take notes on that audio, it remembers where in the audio your note was taken so you can go back and listen to that particular location again.
  • Notes can be synced online (for free) and edited there as well.
  • There is an iPod/iPhone app for OneNote, but note that the free version allows up to 500 notes and then you can’t add any more notes.
  • You can click and drag whole outline structure sub-trees from one place to another.

EverNote is a popular mobile App.

  • It’s a quick way to take notes and organize them, with search capabilities.
  • Recent changes make you get an account, and I think you may have to have online access to use the free version.

The Word
and E-Sword allow you to create notes that are tied to Bible passages. You can even create your own commentaries. See the Bible Programs section for more details.

Auto-Insert Verses into MS Word

E-Sword has macros for Microsoft Word that enable auto-insertion of Bible texts. Select the reference, press the button, and there you have it. Pretty neat!

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