Bible Truth Publishers has lots of free digital reading material available, including Macintosh’s Notes on the Pentateuch.

More eBooks can be found at Stem Publishing. I cannot guarantee that all of this material is doctrinally sound, but there is some good material there.

DiskAid (for  i-Devices)

Download files to your iPhone via USB. (Useful for eBooks that are in text form)

FileApp (for i-Devices)

Allows you to read PDF, MS Office and text files, among others.

Believers Hymn Book Mobile App

Click the icon to access:


For more information and support, please go here.


  • 465 hymns
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • 560+ audio tunes (Internet access required)
  • Lyrics search (case and punctuation insensitive, search terms highlighted)
  • Search by meter
  • Zoom functionality
  • Night mode display option
  • Easy number entry
  • Alphabetical index of first lines
  • Listing by number
  • Show hymns by category
  • Browse all hymns
  • No ads
  • Installs to SD
  • Bookmark hymns
  • Hymn starter notes with alternate tune suggestions