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  • 465 hymns
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • 560+ audio tunes (Internet access required)
  • Lyrics search (case and punctuation insensitive, search terms highlighted)
  • Search by meter
  • Zoom functionality
  • Night mode display option
  • Easy number entry
  • Alphabetical index of first lines
  • Listing by number
  • Show hymns by category
  • Browse all hymns
  • No ads
  • Installs to SD
  • Bookmark hymns
  • Hymn starter notes with alternate tune suggestions


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Audio Messages and Downloads

It’s sometimes easier to get that friend to listen to a CD than to get him/her into a meeting.

Burning CDs

How about burning CDs for your assembly to distribute?

If you do this a lot, look into CD duplicators.

If people are saying your CDs skip, buy higher quality CDs, such as Taiyo Yuden, or try burning them at a slower speed.

I get my labels from and use this Excel Label Template.

Listening in your car

Newer vehicles support Mp3 CD playback. Burn a data CD with Mp3 files instead of an audio CD and you will fit a lot more on one CD.

Do you want to listen to messages or music in your vehicle, but you don’t have a CD player? Satechi sells a $35 FM transmitter (available at that works well. Simply save your audio to a flash drive, SD card, or mobile device and play the audio through your radio. It comes with a remote and saves your place in the middle of an Mp3 file if you bookmark it. Tip: Choose an unused frequency to minimize static– in other words, find a frequency where all you hear is static, and set the transmitter to that station. Set your radio to the same frequency, and you will should the audio loud and clear.


Visit the music page for music resources and links.

Listening with iTunes (link)