Mobile Apps

Pocket Sword (free, i-Devices)

  • E-Sword for iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • Free Offline Bibles: KJV with Strong’s numbers & NT Greek morphology, ASV, ESV, Darby, NET, Textus Receptus, among others
  • Free Commentaries: Robertson’s Word Pictures, Scofield, Keil & Delitzsch on the O.T., Jamieson Fausset Brown, Darby translation notes, Adam Clark’s Commentary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, among others.
    Update: John Gill’s commentary is now available!
  • Devotionals: Morning & Evening by C.H. Spurgeon
  • Dictionaries: Easton, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Nave’s topical Bible, Webster’s 1913
Note: It’s a little difficult to find how to install the resources and set your preferences with Pocket Sword. You’ll probably have to hit the refresh button when accessing the resources for the first time also as it specifies.

e-Sword HD for iPad

e-Sword LT for iPhone

You Version (free, Most devices)

  • Bible for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry & more
  • Free Offline Bibles: ESV, HCSB, NIV, NKJV, NET, RVR60, LBLH & more *Update: NASB now available…
    • Note: when NASB wasn’t available here you could buy it from (iTunes):
  • Allows online listening to various translations
  • Notes feature
  • Bible reading plans help you set and achieve reading goals with reminders. Check off and view your progress, and if you get behind, the reading plan can be recalculated to evenly distribute the remaining passages. Share your plan with friends for group accountability.

MySword (free, Android)

  • For Android
  • Includes KJV with Strong’s numbers
  • Interlinear Greek (ABP)
  • Many free commentaries, including Clark, Gill, JFB, Robertson Word Pictures
  • Many dictionaries, including International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Thayer, Easton, BDB, etc

Blue Letter Bible (i-Devices)

  • An excellent resource that even pronounces Hebrew and Greek words for you. KJV, NET and a few other versions are available for download, but many others are available with an Internet connection. Online commentaries, dictionaries, Interlinear Bible, version comparison and more.

Remember Me Bible Verse Memory (free)

  • For Android
  • Verse memorization helper.
  • Practice by first letter, blanks, choose next word, etc.
  • Scheduler
  • Import / export functions

Bible Trivia

  • Various free apps are available

Believers Hymn Book (all devices)

Favorite Hymns (all devices)


Born out of a desire to promote the singing of favorite hymns anywhere anytime, this free Android app lets you do just that!

  • 250+ hymns and counting (found in Believers Hymn Book, Gospel Hymn Book, and others)
  • Search lyrics (case and punctuation insensitive)
  • Search by meter
  • Play tunes (Internet access required)
  • Zoom functionality
  • Night mode display option
  • Easy number entry
  • Alphabetical index of first lines
  • Show listing by category
  • Browse all hymns
  • No ads
  • Installs to SD
  • Suggest more hymns for inclusion (
  • Note: Most hymns are in the public domain. If you request a hymn that is not public domain, it will be placed on the sponsor request listing.
  • Many hymns are as found in the Believers Hymn Book and Gospel Hymn Book, which have some variations from the originals. I can provide alternate (original) versions if this feature is desired.

Hymn Lyrics (Android) (free)

600+ Public domain hymns
(Note: With paid version you can add your own songs)

PraiseHymns (iTunes) (free)

Music scores and lyrics for many well-known hymns. Plays audio. also has many mobile Bible resources.

DiskAid (iDevices)

Download files to your iPhone via USB. (Useful for eBooks that are in text form)

Get good reading material from Bible Truth Publishers.

FileApp (iDevices)

Allows you to read PDF and text files, among others.

This isn’t actually a mobile app, but it’s worth including because it is optimized for mobile devices and a useful tool for memorizing Scripture. Check it out!

Installing Apps

Installing without iTunes

If you have an iPod Touch and need a way to install apps without iTunes, you can check out this link.

Android Apps Compatibility

If you have an iPhone that doesn’t support Android, you may still be able to install Android apps with this link. I’ve never tried it though. However, to my knowledge, you cannot install Android apps on an iPod Touch.

Platforms/Operating Systems

Where you can get your app depends on what device you have. Android users often go to Google Play, Blackberry users to AppWorld, iOS users to iTunes. 1Mobile has Android apps for people who don’t have access to Google Play.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Apps

  • January 9, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Other apps people have recommended:

    Cadre Bible (good, easy to use Android Bible)
    – To view Strong’s numbers: Assuming kjvstrongs Bible is the version from the library displayed (this version is not free), just go to Tools from bottom menu and pick Settings. In the list of settings, there is a check box to display Strongs numbers (will save this setting automatically, so should only have to do it once). Can also check superscript and parallel links boxes. The top left hand button displays the current Bible/commentary being used…selecting it will show the other downloaded options available for viewing.
    – Free International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

    Music tube
    Biblia RV (free searchable RV 1960 for Spanish speakers)

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