File Sharing and Syncing

There are lots of possibilities out there for public or private file sharing and syncing.

Why use it?

File sharing enables you to share files, photos, and mp3 messages with others. For instance, you can upload recordings of assembly meetings to one of these services and then share the files with specific people from your assembly.

File syncing enables you to back up (!) the files on your computer automatically to an online server. If you change a file on your computer that is in a synced folder, the file will automatically be updated at the online server as well.
Then if you lose your computer, you still have your files! If you are away from home and don’t have your computer, you can access the same files online. If you modify them online, they will be updated on your computer when you get home.

Here are some of the most popular options:


Dropbox (2 to 18 GB)

  • Presently, Dropbox might be the most reliable and best liked by people I know.
  • Sharing Dropbox with others gives you more space

SugarSync (5 GB)

  • I generally prefer Dropbox over SugarSync for its ease of use and speed, but both work well.

SkyDrive (7 GB)

  • SkyDrive is useful with Microsoft Office. You can edit your Office documents online if you are away from your computer.
  • Sync Skydrive:

Google Drive (5 GB)

  • Google has its own suite of online programs that function similar to Microsoft Office. They are not a replacement for Office (a bit buggy at times, and all the functionality isn’t there), but they do make online collaboration easy. Google drive is the location where these documents are stored, along with your synced documents.


  • Box has a slick way of displaying and playing mp3 files on your own website.

Warning! If you share your files with someone else, they may be able to delete them accidentally. Settings for giving people permission to do certain things vary between services. It is possible to retrieve deleted files, but Dropbox users (at least) must do this one file at a time (last I knew).

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