Parental Controls

I don’t have experience with Parental Control features, but a little searching online reveals that iOS (Apple) and Windows 7 have parental controls built in but Android does not.

Here are a few links that might help:

For Android/mobile users:

Android / iOS:

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

MAC users

PC Users:

  • Windows 7 Parental Controls 
    • Note: Internet filtering is not available with Windows 7 parental controls.
    • Note for Windows 8 users: there are reports that Family Safety for Windows 8 does not offer proper protection
  • Magic Desktop
  • Qustodio

Please share what works best for you.


Parental Controls — 5 Comments

  1. our kids have the iPod touch and they come with pretty good parental controls. You can completely turn off the browser and also select from several maturity levels for activities such as types of apps & music allowed for download.

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